The KB8KGU Repeater

Welcome! Here you will find information about the KB8KGU Repeater located in Osage Beach, Missouri.

Update November 2021:

Great news!  The repeater is now back online in Osage Beach!  Thank you to LOARC for the facility and tower space.  This is now a DMR repeater.  There is no analog mode on this machine.  All of the IRLP, Echolink, etc are no longer available.  DMR is taking off around the nation!   Please see the DMR page for more information.  We are excited to have this up and running!


Update March 2021:  Unfortunately the 440 repeater is down and looks like for good.  I have no location for it, and I can’t find anyone interested in taking it over even for free.  I would donate the whole thing to an organization willing to take care of it and utilize the bands we as hams have been allocated.  Next time the government takes more ham bands away due to lack of use, don’t come crying to me about it!

Update 12/30/18: The repeater is currently OFFLINE.  It is likely to be a few months before it is online again.  My apologies for the inconvenience.  Hopefully it can come back better than ever.

Update 6/5/18:  Currently the IRLP/Echolink is DOWN due to a problem at the location.  Hopefully we can offer this service again soon.   It may show UP on the node status page at this time, but the radio link has an issue.  Thanks for your patience.

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